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Scott Investment Advisors takes pride in dealing with its clients with honesty, trust and straightforwardness. Our business is built around people and for people. Our goal is to provide our experience, knowledge, and expertise in making sound investments geared to individual client situations in order to create for them a positive investment outcome. Take a look below to see what we have to offer. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to schedule a meeting.

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Experienced & Professional

Our investment advising is primarily predicated on the fundamentals of managing risk. We approach risk management at two levels: 1) the investor level , and 2) the portfolio level. 


At the investor level, the first step is for us to make sure the investor has a thorough understanding regarding their level of risk tolerance.  Next, they find some combination of the SAM Portfolios that best compliments their risk scoring and investment timelines towards achieving their stated goals. We realize investors don't normally quantify their risk tolerance, nor understand how to go about it, so we provide the tools enabling them to produce their own Personal Risk Profile. Once the scoring of the Profile is complete, SIA guides them to  the SAM Portfolio Strategy Selection process that best matches their personal circumstances.

At the portfolio level, we manage risk in two ways:  1) We examine companies, industry sectors and asset classes from the bottom up to determine their prospects for achieving higher growth rates than the economy as a whole. These are selected to form the population of securities that fit the policy guidelines within a given SAM Portfolio.

2) The pricing and data history is analyzed at length using our proprietary optimization technology that creates a playing field or mapping of various allocations from bearish to bullish, all fitting within the boundaries of each of the SAM Portfolios guidelines. We then decide the appropriate choice among 13 mapped portfolios which best fits the current conditions looking out over the next 1-3 years. This is very similar to a ship's captain mapping a course on the ocean and then determining the best heading through which to navigate in order to arrive at the intended destination at the appointed time. 

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We build portfolio strategies that are developed and managed within well-defined risk structures and governed by strong policy guidelines. The colored triangles pictured on the chart above represent the limits of bullishness and bearishness permitted in the management of each of the SAM Portfolios. Each SAM Portfolio has a comparative  benchmark that lies at the midpoint along the curvature of the arch, known as the Efficient Frontier. This serves as a navigational beacon so that management doesn't take either  excessive risk or insufficient risk to achieve the respective goal of each SAM Portfolio. ​Since their initial design prior to the founding of SIA, our portfolios have continually produced highly reliable degrees of both risk and return symmetry over various time periods using the same philosophy and methods originally developed.       

Discussing the Numbers


Maximize Your Financial Plan

We provide all of our clients with in-depth reports covering the economy, the financial markets and each of the SAM Portfolios.

In managing the SAM Portfolios, we analyze all major global regions, 2 dozen asset classes and over 150 individual securities, which causes us to accumulate a lot of data. We attempt to share much of the result of this research in our regular reports to investors. We also produce articles and educational pieces to help keep investors informed. 

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