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Career Investment Professionals With a 45-Year Track Record of Delivering Results

Scott Investment Advisors, L.P. was structured based in part on the development of asset management methodology by Scott, DiNino and Smathers,  an investment firm Steve Scott founded and later adopted for the Great Western Financial Sierra Trust Funds project.  Various functions of the investment process at SIA are provided by separate entities that have reached such sufficient scale that costs are more efficient than retaining them internally.  Thus our trading, custody, settlement, some research, and account record-keeping and statement functions have been structured on this principal. It thus frees SIA to utilize and manage the host of metrics supporting the construction, maintenance, and ongoing management of all SAM Portfolios. SIA has partnered with outside firms including Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, and Kingdom Trust for execution tasking while maintaining full control over portfolio management. This is what makes SIA a lean and efficient organization. 

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Co-Portfolio Manager

Steve Scott has been in the investment business his entire 50 year career. He has founded 3 successful companies. Steve was founder, President, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager of the Sierra Investment Advisors that began operations in 1988. Steve's advisory group managed the highly acclaimed Barons 5 Star awarded Sierra Trust Funds Family that started with $0 assets and grew to $26 Billion before retiring to form Scott Investment Advisors, L.P.  in 2000. He developed the widely practiced risk methodology used in the management of the SAM Portfolios that has been utilized by hundreds of other investment firms.

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Co-Portfolio Manager

Patrick Hook's 48 year career began in the Institutional Pension Investment Management Division of Prudential Life Insurance Company. In 1996 he joined Great Western Financial where Mr. Scott hired him as his first employee to help build the Sierra Trust Funds. They have worked closely ever since in continuing to evolve portfolio risk management methodology through utilizing a combination of quantitative and fundamental disciplines.  Such efforts have proven successful over time and have remained at the forefront of investment management practices within the industry.  Patrick also owns his own investment research firm, NuVision.

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